Carl's at Yankee Stadium

So we made it to Yankee Stadium for the second home game this year. I love getting in a game early. I just can’t truly get into a new season until I’ve felt the sun shine on my face and smelled the glorious stadium odors of hot dogs, peanuts and frothy beer. Of course I come to watch the Yankees play as well- I just get excited about the food.

The first thing I saw new this year was a stand with a good variety of beers on tap and in bottle that was NOT Beers of the World. Look at that- Goose Island IPA! On Draft!!

I was so excited we tried to grab one right before the start of the game but lo and behold they were sold out! Sold out of your draft beer already! On the second day of play before the game even began! That’s just crazy. Did they only order one keg for the season? Ridiculous. I had to settle for a Goose Island Honkers Ale. Still good but no IPA.

For food I decided to try out Carl’s Cheese steaks. The original Carl’s is right by my apartment so I’ve had it a bunch of times. Part of me wanted to see if it would be as good and part of me really just wanted a cheese steak.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of cheese on the sandwich. I hardly saw any of that yellow processed whiz at all! Luckily I noticed before leaving the stand and was able to score a side of sauce from the cashier. However the extra cheese was cold and hard which made it very difficult to spread on the sandwich.

The meat was okay- a little on the dry side and the roll was nice and crusty. However I really didn’t enjoy this sandwich. It seemed kind of stale, like it had been sitting around for a awhile and the whole cheese, meat and bread ratio was all off. Maybe I got one that had been sitting around a while. Next time I’m sticking with the hot dog.

So the sandwich wasn’t great, they ran out of Goose Island and the Yankees lost. Even with all of that it was nice to sit in the sun and watch baseball again. We got a long season ahead of us.