Uncle George's

The other day I was in Astoria for work and decided to bring home some good Greek food for dinner.

My friend used to live in Astoria and recommended Uncle George’s as one of his go-to places in the area.

I swung by around 5:00 and the place was pretty empty.

I sat down at a table and asked the waiter if I could have my order to go.

“Sure” he said and then asked me if I wanted anything to drink while I waited.

I looked at the menu and saw they had their house wine for $3.00 a glass. I figured what the hell. It’s $3.00 why not?

See the funny picture of Uncle George on the menu!

It came out in this little red metal carafe which was kind of cute. It went well with the red and white checkered table cloth décor of the place.

I took a sip and decided that yes- this was a $3.00 glass of wine! However I have definitely had worse before.

I actually only got a chance to drink about half before my order was ready. Man they were fast!

So I paid my bill and jumped on the subway home clutching the bag and trying with all of my might not to rip the bag open and start eating.

I made it home and opened up my wares.

This is the Chicken Souvlaki Platter.

The first thing I noticed looking at the sauce was how chunky it was! Not your average tzatziki sauce.

It was pretty spicy as well and went really well with the perfectly charbroiled chicken.

It came with a nice amount of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and some of the best potatoes.

Those big chunks are the lemon potatoes and they just had a wonderful, light, buttery lemon taste that was a perfect compliment to the spicy sauce and chicken.

We also got a Gyro which had some of the tastiest meat I’ve had in a long time.

I’ll be the first to admit I usually get gyros from diners only so my experience is limited but this gyro was great!! It came with the same sides as the souvlaki and was just really full of flavor.

I will be working in Astoria more often these days and am excited to see what other new and exciting Greek food the area has to offer.

Uncle George’s was a good start.


Anonymous said…
You like it because you neve rtried the real greek food. Giry is supposed to be made of real meat, not junk,prefabricated tasteless, loaves.
Tasty Trekker said…
Ha! Those are strong words! I would love to hear if you have a suggestion for better Gyro's in Astoria. I'm all ears!