Lunch at Sea Thai

After a glorious walk on the new Highline last Thursday a friend and I decided to grab lunch at what used to be called the Highline- Sea Thai in the Meatpacking district.

It was the first non-rainy day in years it seemed so we grabbed a table outside and each ordered one of the lunch box sets.

Mine came with Coconut Soup, Roasted Tofu Salad in Peanut sauce, Golden Shrimp Fritters and Garlic and Vegetables with Beef.

I wasn’t expecting to like the Coconut soup but once I smelled the wonderful creamy broth I was sold.

The broth was filled with peppers, mushrooms, scallions and big chunks of chicken.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy a bowl of soup on such a warm sunny day but it was fantastic.

The Shrimp Fritters were pretty amazing as well.

I’ve had these before a bunch of times at Spice but this was the best showing I think I’ve ever had.

They were super crispy and came with just the right amount of sweet chili honey sauce for dipping.

The only part of this dish that really disappointed me was the main course.

The beef was really stringy and the garlic sauce didn’t have as much flavor as I was expecting it to have.

It was really difficult for me to even bite into the overcooked meat and after a few jaw wrenching mouthfuls I simply gave up.

Luckily I loved the peanut dressing on the salad and with all of my other sides I was completely stuffed with the main course.

My friend got a different box set that came with the Coconut soup, a Tofu Caesar Salad, Basil Spring Rolls and Broad Noodle with Chicken.

Her main course was much better than mine.

I loved the texture of the broad noodle and the chicken, egg and broccoli were a perfect accompaniment to the sweet soy dressing.

The only part of her box set that fell short was the spring rolls.

Nothing was really wrong with them- they were just boring.

They were a little soft and didn’t have that spicy basil taste to make them pop.

However it was barely noticed because just like me she was stuffed after only making it through about half of the food in the set.

They rounded out the meal with a small plates of mini cheesecake bites with a great graham cracker crust.

For $14.00 each this was a pretty good deal.

If we had taken our leftovers we easily would have had enough for later.

However we decided to go for some drinks instead and headed over to the Brass Monkey rooftop where we found the building next door on fire.

Some men working at the Standard next door ended up calling the fire department and we watched all the fire trucks pull up and extinguish the fire.

Luckily no one was hurt and it made for quite an exciting day.

Sea Thai