Momofuku Ssam

Saturday night we went to Momofuku Ssam Bar for dinner.

It was packed when we walked inside and ended up putting in our names and having a drink in the Milk Bar area where they apparently know have guests wait for their tables.

It was kind of weird having drinks in the dessert shop.

The smell of cookies kind of overwhelmed me and I swear if they made us wait any longer than they did I probably would have ended up having some Corn Cookies for dinner.

We got seat and ordered the BBQ Rib sandwich to start.

Look familiar? Kind of like the limited time McRib sandwich from McDonalds?

Oh but his is much much better.

The meat was super tender and the red onion coleslaw on top was a perfect match for the smoky sweet sauce.

I was upset to see they had changed their menu and my Steak Ssam was no longer there.

So instead I ordered the Bev Eggleston's Pork Shoulder Steak.

OMG this dish was awesome.

I swear David Chang can do things with pork that nobody else can even come close to! I mean this pork was so moist and packed with flavor it was a little ridiculous.

It came with some grilled zucchini and a wonderful ramp dressing that really pulled the whole dish together.

I wish I could have bought a bottle of that ramp dressing to take home with me.

Mr. T ordered the Bell & Evan's Fried Chicken.

Okay, I’m going to let you in on a little secret- Mr. T hates Momofuku. He always has.

“The Ramen’s not as good as Ippudo’s, the pork buns are a rip off for $9.00, Chang just uses weird flavors together that don’t taste right.”

I’ve heard it all.

Unfortunately tonight was no different.

The chicken was slightly dry and I have to agree that the portion was a little small for the price tag.

It came with some nice ramps and morels on the side but the dish just didn’t have any real spice to it. It was kind of disappointing.

With drinks our bill ended up being about $128.00. That’s pretty pricey for two people at a casual spot I’ll admit.

I still love Momofuku, I dream about it often, but I think that was Mr. T’s last visit.

It looks like I must have a solo love affair with my pork products.

Momofuku Ssam Bar


Anonymous said…
The itty bitty pork belly sandwichs at momofuko are really just a turn on an age old chinese recipe maybe its hallowed, and you can basically get the same thing sans the bread at almost any shanghai restuarant in flushing or china town - for an easy recipe got to and search pork for pops