Yankee Eats

Before we left for Europe we went to the second home Yankee game of the year.

I got there early to check out the new stadium and specifically the food.

My first stop was Lobel's for some meat.

Look at him cutting up those huge pieces of meat!

They make every sandwich to order and then pour a nice au jus right on the top.

Nice!!! Here's a picture of the $16.00 sandwich. Bite already taken out of course.

The sandwich was huge and very fresh but for $16.00 I wasn't blown away.

The meat was very tasty but it was almost a little too rare.

Mr. T and I both had trouble even biting into the thing because the meat was so chewy.

We decided to supplement our sandwich with some fries and a cheeseburger from Johnny Rockets.

The fries were surprisingly crispy and fresh as well! Much better than the old Yankee stadium fries.

The burger was pretty good as well. It had a lots of toppings so I couldn't really taste the flavor of the meat but after a couple of beers this is a tasty option.

And what about the beer!!!

I went down to this stand and picked up some old fashioned goodness.

I was hoping they would give me the can to keep my beer cold but they made me take a glass :(

Look at the sign- calorie counts for beers!!

Whoa!! Stay away from the peanuts apparently!

So it was a great day overall. The place is absolutely magnificent and we saw the first win in the new stadium. Yay!!

My only quibble- they took the big beer bar away across the street!!

That place rocked! Now there's another stupid loud sports bar that you can hardly hear yourself think inside.

Oh well- I guess I can't have it all.


GG Merkel said…
$16!!!well I guess I can't expect anything less because it's Yankee Stadium. But what do you think foodwise; Citifield or Yankee Stadium?
Tasty Trekker said…
Citifield is my next stop. I assume it will be better. I have a love for anything Danny Meyer so how can it not be??