I’m going to go through Munich pretty quick.  To be honest it was probably my favorite place on the vacation but I’ve been home a couple of days now and recounting every detail is making me tired and a little depressed. We got into Munich right around 7:00 and checked into our hotel without a hitch.

Dinner was at the Weinhaus Schneider. They offered us English menus and we set to ordering up two huge plates of grub.  First they started us with a huge salad for the table and some bread. Then came our entrees- Mine was the Bacon wrapped Pork with Noodles (spatzle actually).

My dish was only so so. I was expecting more flavor from the pork. I had read that the pork here was the best and this really didn’t have much taste except for the heavy gravy. Mr. T’s dish was much better the Sauerbraten.

He had big chunks of beef in a tasty brown sauce with some kind of weird potato balls on the side that had a kind of weird rubbery texture. The highlight of our meal however was suggested to us by the waiter- The asparagus.

White asparagus is much more prevalent in Germany than green asparagus and we happened to be right smack dab in the middle of its season. These stalks were so good! They had a milder flavor than green asparagus and a light refreshing flavor. They came with a side of Hollandaise sauce for dipping. I usually turn down Hollandaise sauce but it was really tasty with the asparagus.

So we had a nice meal at Weihaus Schneider but it wasn’t what I was expecting. First of all, the pork was only okay and second everyone was drinking wine. Isn’t that weird? This is supposed to be the land of beer. To make a long story short, we went to the wrong place. The place I had in mind was called Weissebrau Haus not Weinhaus Schneider . Oops!! Turns out the place we were at was a wine and fondue bar! Weissebrau Haus was on the next block!
Oh well- at least it made sense now and we vowed to try Weissebrau Haus tomorrow night.
I woke up the next morning and had this lovely breakfast from our hotel that came free each morning!

Yay!! Free mimosas!!! I’m a happy girl! Then we decided to trek out to the Franziskaner Brewery located a little outside the main city of Munich. Once there we ordered up some excellent beers and a plate of sausage and potato salad.

Both sausages were good but the one on the left was excellent!!! Once I cut inside a little bit of cheese oozed out and it was basically the best Cheddarwurst I've ever had in my life! After a couple of brews we decided to head back into the city for dinner and finally made it to the Weissebrau Haus. Unfortunately we came at the same time as about 50 other people and we barely got the last seat in the house way upstairs. We ordered up some Aventinus from the keg and man was it spectacular. It had a much smoother and softer flavor than the bottled Aventinus in the states and hardly any smell at all. I could have had about four of five of these. We decided to split our dishes and the first was their salad platter. This is the best salad platter I have ever had!!! Look at all the stuff!

Potato salad, coleslaw, ham, beets, cheese strips, chicken strips, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, tomatoes, endive and then a big pile of tossed salad in the middle.  This had everything I wanted in a salad and then some. I would order this kind of salad every day if we had it in America.  Our other dish was the one I had hear so much about- the Pork Breasts. Hmm…this pork looks a little different than the pork from the night before huh!

Actually it kind of looks like the pork from Momofuku! The pork was awesome- so much meat- so much flavor- yum!!  It came with a side of sauerkraut and potato pancakes. Mr. T doesn’t eat sauerkraut usually but he scarfed this up in a minute. The potato pancakes might also be the best we’ve ever had with a crispy crunchy edge and moist thick middle. MMM…I’m so sad I can’t be eating this dish right now!! Here’s some of the beers that makes this place famous.

So we finished up there and ended our night as we had the night before at the Hofbruas Haus. Our last day in Munich we awoke to the most beautiful weather. We truly wanted to just go and enjoy the day. So we went and walked through the enormous Englischer Garten.
After finding ourselves outnumbered by more naked German men than I’ve ever seen we decided to head the one of the many beer gardens in the park.  This is the Chinesischer Turm. This place is freakin huge!!!

Up in the tower was a big band churning out fun German tunes while everyone below just relaxed and drank big beers and ate some food.  Speaking of food we got an order of Spare Ribs and an order of the Currywurst. The Currywurst wasn't very good. I hate Curry so I just ate the end without it and the sausage really had no flavor.

The fries were poorly cooked and the dish just tasted like crap honestly. The Spare Ribs I absolutely hated.

There was some sort of curry sauce on top that was super spicy and just not very good tasting. I don’t know what we were expecting. This is park food after all! However nothing could dampen my spirits and I truly enjoyed sitting in that garden and drinking my beer more than anything else on this trip. I was finally able to completely relax and it was wonderful.

 That night we headed back to the Hofbrau Haus for one more time. We had met a fun couple there the night before and figured maybe we would have the same luck that night. We grabbed a table outside and ordered up a Crackling Pork Knuckle and some Spatzle.  The Pork Knuckle was excellent. Crispy outside skin, salty juicy meat inside.

My only wish was that there was more meat! Mr. T and I could have eaten another one easily. It came with a side of cabbage salad and two potato dumplings.  Again I had the best version of a dish I have ever had- the Spatzle.

Honestly it was macaroni and cheese..really, really, good macaroni and cheese. It came with melted Emmental cheese and some delicious roasted onions. It was gut busting delicious!  After dinner we moved inside and had some more beers with some extremely drunk German men and the wonderful couple from the night before. It was the start of Maifest and we decided to try out the Hofbrau Haus Maibock. In hind sight ordering a liter of beer the waiter told us was 12% alcohol at about 11:00 the night before we leave might not have been the next idea ever. The beer was very tasty but we woke up the next morning and Mr. T was draaaging. Luckily we got to the airport and even got a chance to stop for one more beer before we hit the road at the airport brewery. That’s right… the Munich airport has it’s own brewery called Airhaus and it’s huge as well! Here is the outside space.

We actually sat inside and when I went to order a beer my skills at the German menu were apparently a little off because this is what I got instead.

Yep. That’s a shot of some really strong and nasty smelling liquor. Now having a beer at 11:00 am after a night of drinking is one thing. Tossing back a shot is another! I pushed the shot aside and reordered and ended up getting a Radler which is German Beer and Lemonade.

I discovered this mix the day before in the park and loved it. Here was no different. It was incredibly fresh and really revitalizing. A good morning beer! Lol!

So we jumped on our plane and made it safely back to NYC with little trouble and safely into our small apartment. It was such a wonderful vacation that I am so happy to have experienced. I loved each and every thing we did and hope to return to all of these great countries in the near future. What to do now Mr. T? What’s that? Ippudo it is!!!