Grape and Grain

I was so excited to go to Zum Schneider on Sunday to get some big beers and try their white asparagus.

We made plans to meet up with friends right at 3:00 for some eats. I practically ran there in the oppressive muggy heat only to find it completely shuttered and a sign on the door that said they wouldn’t be opening until 6:00.

WTF- I checked the website and everything before coming. Now I was dripping with sweat and starving. We needed something to tide us over. I wasn’t waiting 3 more hours before eating.

So we rerouted over to Grape and Grain and ordered up some of their Brunch specials to share.

The best dish was the Prosciutto, Salami and Sopressata Pizza.

Wow this pizza was packed full of flavor. It had a slightly sweet chunky tomato sauce on top that really went wonderful with all of the salty meats.

The edges of the pizza were golden brown and had a fantastic buttery crunch. Yum!!!

Our next pizza we ordered was the Breakfast Pizza.

This was pizza with Panchetta, asparagus and sunny side up eggs.

This pizza was really good as well but it just didn’t compare to the first. The dough wasn’t as cooked and the runny egg just kind of made everything a little too soggy for my tastes.

To round out our order we got some shrimp and grits.

Now I have never had shrimp and grits before and to be honest- I’m sure not positive what I think about them.

The grits were fantastic- nice and grainy with a ton of melted butter. The shrimp were pretty great as well- nice and large.

But together? I don’t know if that combination does it for me. I think I prefer my grits on their own with a side of bacon possibly.

However it was a good meal that satisfied my appetite for a little while in a cute little space. I’m a fan.


Maria said…
That first pizza had SPECTACULAR flavor... I could use some more right about now ;)
Tasty Trekker said…
I know! I had one of those "I wish my stomach could hold more food moments" when the boys finished it...I was envious :)