Mr. T and I finally tried Veselka last week. When I first moved here I heard they had Borscht and I was dying to try it.

Borscht is something my Grandmother used to make every year at Christmas and it was truly one of my favorite dishes of the night.

I've had it before at the Russian Samovar and I really didn't care for their version. I was hoping Veselka would be different and luckily it was.

Look at this beautiful color!

This Borscht was so wonderful! It had such a rich beety texture and flavor that was absolutely delicious.

I was so content slurping away happily with my soup. This is what true comfort food is- eating something that reminds you of home.

I felt like I had just gotten a big hug.

We decided to split some entrees and first up was the burger.

Wow. Just wow.

Veselka is a highly underrated burger. The meat was perfectly charbroiled with a nice salty crunch on the edges and an incredibly moist inside.

The burger to bun ratio was probably the best I've ever had with the squishy bun hitting all of the burger with just enough bread to soak up all the juice.

We also got an order of the Pierogies.

I was too stuffed at this point to have more than just a bite but they were definitely delicious as well.

Veselka scored on all accounts.

This is the type of place to take your loved ones and relax.

There's no frills, no bells and whistles, just fantastic food and friendly service and that's what it's all about.