Return to Markt

Markt used to be one of my favorite places to dine in the city when it was still on 14th street.

I loved the wonderful corner space and the sleek long bar where it always felt busy and exciting. Not to mention the food!

Markt moved closer to us a few years ago on a busy, somewhat noisy area on 6th avenue.

We had only been there once since they moved and sat inside.

Yesterday we happened to be at Best Buy right nearby so we deiced to try out our old favorite again.

We ordered up a couple of Leffe’s (a blond for me..I still haven’t been able to look at a Leffe Brun since my illness in Brussels) and grabbed a table outside.

We weren’t starving so we decided to forgo any appetizers and just went for some mains.

I ordered the Rai au beurre noire et capers.

In other words some steamed skatefish with lemon, capers and brown butter.

Wow there was a LOT of butter in this dish. The fish was incredibly moist and had a nice flavor from the lemon and capers but the butter was a tad much.

Don’t get me wrong- it was very tasty but I was kind of going for something a little healthier.

The haricot verts came bundled up in a cute little package and were cooked just enough to be tender but still maintain a little crunch.

Mr T went for the Moules a la Blanche- Mussels steamed in Hoegaarden.

Yum! These were great. The mussels were nice and juicy with a gentle flavor of the beer permeating the dish.

It came with a side of frites that were simply fantastic!

I forget how much I love a good pomme frite. These had just the right amount of crispiness and came with some fantastic mayo on the side for dipping.

Our total bill came to just around $55.00 which isn’t half bad for a tasty meal with drinks.

The outside tables were a little tight and noisy but it was alright.

For some reason we never received any bread and it took quite a while to receive our bill but those are minor quibbles.

Markt is still serving up some fantastic food and drink just as it was on 14th street years ago.

Markt Restaurant