Post Road Pumpkin Ale

I absolutely love all of the autumn beers that come out around October.

This past year I was so busy traveling here and there I feel like I never got a chance to really have any special harvest ales.

I saw Post Road Pumpkin in the store the other day and I grabbed what looked to be the last six pack.

Post Road is actually made by Brooklyn Brewery. I can't believe I have never tried this one considering it's brewed so close to where we live.

The beer poured with a nice orangy amber color and a small head.

It had a faint smell of pumpkin and nutmeg on top but not overpowering like some pumpkin beers.

The taste wasn't overpowering either. The pumpkin flavor was very prevalent but subtle and there were notes of caramel that rounded out the smooth flavor of the beer.

This is one of the best pumpkin beers I have ever had. I could easily have a couple in a row without feeling too full or sick from the flavor. Very drinkable.


Maria said…
If you haven't already, try Southern Tier's Pumking -- my #1 fav pumpkin beer.