Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! So I'm in Florida this year for the holiday which is kind of strange. It doesn't really feel like Thanksgiving because of the palm trees and sun. So I decided my Thanksgiving post wouldn't be a regular turkey and potatoes post either. Instead I'm going to show you one of the best fish tacos I have ever had right here in St. Augustine. These are the baja fish tacos from Nalu's.

Nalu's is actually just a small stand, kind of like a street meat cart in the city. You roll up, place your order and then sit at a little picnic table and wait for your food. About 10 minutes later you have a Styrofoam container filled to the brim with tacos, rice and beans and chips.  The fish is only called the fish of the day and I think ours was a Mahi Mahi. It came with cabbage, cheese, and a baja sauce that was delicious!!! For around $7.00 I was stuffed to the gills and happy as a clam.

The best part about Nalu's? It's open today until 3:00! So if your in Florida and your bird didn't quite turn out as you had planned, you still have time to run down and get yourself some good eats for the holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!