Brooklyn Diner

I had a day off of work on Monday and spent it, unfortunately, doing work stuff :(

I had a LOT of things to buy to get ready for a conference I'm going to present at this week.

I found myself in Times Square, which is not exactly a great place for food.

Once I got what I needed from the Hershey store and a few other places I started to look around for some lunch options.

I was actually planning to grab a cab down to Prune to FINALLY try out their burger but then I stumbled across Brooklyn Diner.

It looked pretty empty and I was starving, so I decided this would be a good lunch place.

I went inside and grabbed a seat at the bar.

The whole place was bright and shiny and quite a bit bigger than expected.

I looked at the menu and was a little shocked at the prices. Even for Times Square they were pretty high!

Oh well. I ordered a beer and the Brooklyn Diner specialty cheeseburger.

The beers on tap were pretty impressive.

They had everything from an Ommegang Abbey Ale to an Abita Light.

I ordered a nice Oktoberfest and my burger came out in about 5 minutes.

Wow this thing was massive!!!

It was a big juicy burger topped with cheddar cheese, thin crispy onions and bacon.

The bacon was amazing. It was perfectly crisped and really helped amp up the flavor of the burger.

I wasn't a huge fan of the onions. I ended up taking most of them off and next time I would probably just ask for it without.

The burger itself was very tasty. I usually enjoy a thinner patty but this was pretty good.

The fries were also excellent with just enough salt and a perfect inner potato to crispy outside.

It came with a pickle that was the size of my head!

Okay maybe not my head but pretty huge.

Apparently this place is big on it’s desserts.

The whole time I was sitting at the bar I was staring at the pies and cakes in the back. Next time I definitely need to check one of those out.

Today was not the day however, as I barely finished half of my meal. There was just too much food.

Overall I still think the Bacon Cheeseburger at P.J. Clark's is the best.

So the lunch was pretty good and the beer hit the spot..but you know what really will make me go back? The staff.

I have never been in a restaurant where everyone was so friendly.

Not with just me but with each other.

The waitresses were all joking with the manager. The bartenders were talking with the busboys. The hostess even helped bring some of the dishes out to customers!

It was just a really nice atmosphere.

I found everyone happy and genuine.

This is hard to come by when you work in the touristy section that is Times square.

So in the end I paid more for a burger than I ever have ($16.75!!!)

But I came home with a huge amount of leftovers and a good feeling in my heart.

That's not always easy to come by and it made for a good day.