Bouchon Bakery

My Iphone had been giving me tons of trouble ever since I bought it. I took it to the Meatpacking Apple store and the "Genius" at the "Genius Bar" didn't help me at all.

It wasn't that he didn't help me, he just didn't listen to me! He gave me the same talk he would have given anyone regardless of their problem. I came home, did what he said to do and nothing changed.

I decided to try my luck at the 5th Avenue store and was met with the most wonderful man ever! Within 10 minutes I was out the door with the problem solved and feeling like I mattered.

Now was that so hard?

I decided to walk over to the Time Warner Center and pick up some tasty treats to celebrate my success!

Mr. T has been working hard all week again so I got us a couple things and brought them home.

I went directly to Bouchon Bakery which is Thomas Keller's bakery on the 3rd floor.

The place had a line about ten people long with the usual tourists.

I felt kind of bad because they all looked so baffled by the choices! I mean, I come here all the time and still have trouble deciding. I can't imagine being here for the first time and trying to decide on just one thing!!

So of course I chose two.

First was the Nutter Butter Cookie.

Remember these cookies from when you were little? This has the same kind of taste except about 4 times the size and much better!

The outer cookie was excellent with just enough crunch around the edges and a soft chewy center.

The filling was okay but there was a little bit too much of it.

A little filling goes a long way and this was just a tad too sweet to have so much.

Mr. T decided to just squeeze some out so it had a tastier cookie to filling ratio.

Then he ate it right up.

The other treat in our box was my favorite. The seasonal Pumpkin Macaron.

Here they are side by side.

I have always loved Bouchon Macarons but this one may be the top one of all time.

The outside was a light pillow filled with a dough that was so moist it was almost like biting into pudding.

There was just the right amount of inner sweet buttercream with just a hint of nutmeg.

This picture didn't come out so well but you can see the contrast of the insides.

This had such a smooth pumpkin flavor it was simply fantastic.

Both of these exquisite treats were also only $2.75 each, which is pretty good for any bakery!

Thomas Keller's bakery is always coming out with new stuff so it's just fun to go and check out what he's got.

It's hard to resist once you do though so be forewarned!

Bouchon Bakery


Maria said…
What are your thoughts on the jelly doughnuts from Bouchon? I think they're just available on Saturdays.