My Halloween Treat

This Halloween my was my friend's 30th birthday so we traveled to garrison NY to spend it with her and the best people in the universe my friends!!!!

I stopped at the Jas mart on my way to pick up some funky candy and of the bunch I picked this was the winner.

It's a mini cheeseburger candy!!

This little concotion was yummy!! The outside bun was sesame seed cracker with an inner burger of chocolate covered in what tasted to be an almost peanut butter cheese top.

It was surprisingly good (and look at Mr T's fingers....he could be a hand model no?)

They came about 25 mini guys per box and had all the crunchy, salty sweet goodness I enjoy in a Take 5 candy bar but in better wrapping.

Not only that it looked like my favorite food in a candy treat!!!

Happy Late Halloween!!! And Yay Obama!!!!!