More Cupcakes From Amai

I talked about Amai bakery WAY back when they first opened on 3rd avenue. I’ve been there multiple times since and have come to love the little tea and cookie shop.

The other day I swung by and decided to forgo my usual green tea cupcake and instead got a caramel chocolate and a pumpkin.

They all have the same style, a small cupcake with a heavy, somewhat lopsided swirl on top.

The chocolate cake was light and fluffy with a nice coca flavor. The cake could have been a little bit moister but it was still quite fabulous.

The one thing I love about Amai cupcakes are that they aren’t very sweet.

You know how you can almost feel the sugar eating away at your teeth from some of the other bakeries in the city (And I DO love Magnolia, I just have to be in the mood for a super sugary treat when I go)

There is none of that here. The frosting was light with just a subtle taste of caramel.

It actually reminded me of the flavor of a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks but not as sweet.

The pumpkin was fantastic as well.

It had the same fluffy cake and a slightly sweet vanilla frosting.

The cake had a wonderful taste of pumpkin and spices which combined with the frosting, just really made it stand a step above the Chocolate Caramel.

One of the best parts about this place is that they give you little plastic containers for each cupcake so they don’t get mangled if you take them to go.

Check out their wares if you’re nearby. They are always experimenting with different flavors and come up with some pretty neat and tasty stuff.

Amai Tea House