Seriously Good Dessert At Cafe Sabarsky

My parents were in town this weekend visiting for the first time since last September. My father is a dessert manic and came across Cafe Sabarsky last time they were in town and fell in love with the place. So we headed over there early on Friday and grabbed some dinner.

Cafe Sabarsky is actually inside of the Neue Galerie which displays German and Austrian artwork. The cafe serves mainly Viennese food with a big focus on desserts.

I wasn't feeling particularly hungry since we had a big lunch at the Spotted Pig earlier (which I'll post about later) so I just ordered the Dill and Cucumber Salad.

This was a great dish fit for the extremely hot day we were having. The yogurt sauce was light and the cool cucumbers and tomatoes just tasted really refreshing.

Although the dill was a prominent feature of the dish, it was on the lighter side.

I had some bites of my parents Bavarian sausages and they were both very good.

But come on. The really great stuff here is the desserts.

I ordered the Mozartorte.

Oh my goodness this was soo good!! It's basically a chocolate cake with pistachio icing on the top and a chewy nougat cream center.

The icing was so wonderful and so different than anything I have ever had before. It was thick, almost like a gel, but went perfect with the light cake and nougat inside. Wow! One of the best desserts I have had in a while.

Cafe Sabarsky is just a nice place to visit. It has that old school charm to it with the big wooden walls and windows looking out onto the park. It wouldn't fit in my neighborhood but on the UES it just works.

Cafe Sabarsky