Another Cheap Solid Meal At Spice

It's funny- if Mr. T and I look back on all of the places we've eaten at since moving to NYC over 6 years ago- I can almost guarantee that we've been to Spice the most.

Our first time there, a college friend from Vegas had come to visit. We were so poor we hadn't been out to eat anywhere and had no idea what to do with him!

I remembered hearing about this Thai place and we decided to give it a shot. Two hours later, filled with a flaming volcanic chicken dish and multiple sake bombs, we were a little tipsy, a lot full, and still had some pennies in our pockets.

The rest is history.

Spice is one of those places that we almost always go to when friends come to visit. The city restaurants can be a bit of a sticker shock and this helps ease that pain.

We came back here about 2 weeks ago for lunch when Mr.T's best friend was visiting from San Diego. Their lunch specials are a great deal because you receive a free appetizer with every entree and entrees are generally $7-$9!

I went with my usual starter the Crispy Shrimp Fritters.

Yum! These fried balls of goodness are stuffed with baby shrimp and then placed in a pool of spicy thai chili sauce and cool sliced carrots.

Whew!! Depending on who's in the kitchen these things can light your mouth on fire! They are great though and quite a large portion for a starter.

For my main dish I went with a new item on the menu- the crispy fish. I usually order the Garlic Beef with Vegetables dish but I was feeling adventurous so I went for it.

Okay- they said this was Tilapia but I have never seen a Tilapia that was that thick in my life! There was more fish on this one plate for about 3 people!

The fish was fantastic. It was lightly battered, so that the breading could easily be pulled away and huge chunks of white fish could be eaten with the spicy sauce and vegetables.

Mr T couldn't get enough of my dish. He said it was his new favorite and I have to agree.

The best part? Since there is more than enough fish for two people we could literally spilt lunch here and pay a total of $9 for two people!

Ridiculous- right? That is why this place is always a neighborhood standby.

Don't expect the best service. They are efficient to the point of being a little abrupt but that has never bothered us, and the quiet trance music in the background gives it a cool kind of vibe.

Spice is definitely worth checking out if your in the money woes or just want a great cheap thai meal. It's good to know that there is still one place in this city that has stayed as affordable as it was since the day we moved in.

Now if I could only say the same thing about my apartment....