Bar Masa

So Mr. T and I had some gift certificates to Bar Masa we received for Christmas. We have always wanted to try Masa proper but starting at $400 a person for dinner really isn’t in our price range!

It was a Saturday and we were feeling some really good sushi in a non-rushed environment. We decided to go for a midday meal around 3:00. The minimalist décor and draped curtains completely fit our mood. There was only one other table of four when we arrived.

Everything was first.

Since it was an off hour, they weren't offering any of their hot dishes- just a limited sushi and sashimi menu. I won’t go into every dish in detail, just some of the

Two pieces of young Yellowtail Hamachi. We were shocked at how small the pieces of sushi were. I’m a small person and I could probably eat about 50 pieces- no exaggeration. And while it was soft and light I think I have had better at other sushi joints.

Hotate which is scallop seared with salt and yuzu zest. This was excellent. I'm a sucker for yuzu on anything so it didn't surprise me that I loved this dish.

Kyushu Beef with salt and pepper. This was also excellent. It's difficult to get meat so tender that it melts but this one did! We liked it so much we order two more pieces.

Masa Toro Toro Roll- The Toro was definitely rich and lush but for $68 it wasn't worth it. I have honestly had a more succulent piece of Toro at Aburiya Kinnosuke.

The California Roll on the other hand was amazing. I have never been a big fan of the California Roll, and now after trying Bar Masa's, I will never be able to have a regular one again. The crab was so buttery and fresh it was unbelievable.

Another big hit was the Grilled Japanese Unagi Big Roll. I’m not an unagi fan so I can’t comment to much but Mr T said it was some of the best Unagi he’s ever had.

Duck with Foie Gras in a Moo shu Pancake. This dish was good but nothing memorable. I also thought for the price the portion could have been a little bigger.

Okay so onto the strangest part. About halfway through our meal a young woman came in pushing a stroller and sat down at the end table about 2 away from us.

I thought it was a little strange to come to Bar Masa alone with a baby but hey- it's the middle of the day! Why not? It's not crowded and maybe she wanted some really good sushi!

So Mr T and I continued enjoying our meal when about 5 minutes later I hear this strange sound.

Okay I'm not going to go into details about how loud and gross the sound was but I basically looked at Mr T, who was facing her, and just said "she's not doing what I think she is."

One look at his saucer wide eyes told me all I need to know.

To make the story short, this went on for about 15 minutes during her sushi roll eating. It was followed up by a belly raspberry blowing session and a very nice, but very loud song. She then paid her check and left.

My question is- who does this!!! I have never seen this before in a regular restaurant much less an upscale establishment.

Yes this is only Bar Masa, not Masa, but when you’re spending this much money on lunch I prefer to enjoy it.

For our food with 2 Sapporas, a Hitachino white ale and the cocktail it came to $280.00 without tip.

Okay- the woman nursing aside- I will probably be back to Bar Masa for the California Roll and maybe to try out one of their hot dishes that we missed. Overall though, I find the sushi to be a higher caliber at other places in the city for less money and the portions bordering on minuscule.


Andrea said…
I'm confused as to why your meal was ruined by the presence of a mother nursing her child. Would you have preferred that the hungry baby scream its head off for the duration of the meal? I hope you're not suggesting that a nursing mother doesn't have the same right to an "upscale" meal that you do or that a nursing mother should stay home to avoid subjecting you to the natural reality that (shock!) babies drink breastmilk. Grow up.
Tasty Trekker said…
Hi Andrea,

Sorry for your confusion. I never said my meal was ruined, I said it was starnge and that it had never happened to me before. Of course Im not suggesting a new mother needs to stay home, I'm suggesting she goes into the ladies room for a moment or at the VERY LEAST not sing loud songs while she is breastfeeding so as to intrrupt others and cause a scene.

I'm pretty sure if you were trying to enjoy a nice calm, expensive meal with your significant other you wouldn't want to here loud sucking noises followed up by tummy blowing noises while you are trying to eat. Come on now. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that.

And honestly, yes a nursing mother has the same right to an upscale meal as I do.

And I have the same right to hope she gets a babysitter next time.