Ronnie Sue Chocolates

Just a quick note about some AMAZING chocolate Ive been eating lately. There is a fairly new Chocolate shop in the Essex Street Market called Ronnie Sue's. It's a tiny closet sized space but what it lacks in size it makes up for in taste!!!

I went in to pick up some last minute Christmas presents. My favorite candy they have is their Peanut Squares. I got these about a month ago and knew immediately that I needed to pick some up for My chocolate peanut butter obsessed friends and family.

WOW!! How good do these look!!!! You know why they're so good? Its a blend of milk and dark chocolate so you have a little bitter with sweet, then they add natural peanut butter (which I love) and then add a last swirl of white chocolate and peanut butter on the top. Holy cow- so creamy delicious and rich. One square is absolutely decadent.

The best part is that Ronnie Sue herself is pretty cool!! She always has something for you to taste and she's just quite a spunky lady. I really like her.

So what are you waiting for!!! Get over there and try out some delicious chocolates and tell Ronnie Sue she's the best!!


Kathy YL Chan said…
hehe, I live just a minute away from Roni-Sue's! I must admit, I pop in for a quarter pound of brittle or a truffles a little too often - she does satisfy a sweet tooth quite well! :) the essex st market is turning out to be quite the food scene...shopsins, anne saxelby's cheeseshop, and now roni-sue! :)
Tasty Trekker said…
I know Essex Street is the best! The only place I still have to go to is Shopsins. He always seems to be closed whenever I am in there even though it's different times of the day!
Kathy YL Chan said…
i know what you mean!!! the hours are's like, there are no hours, haha. i will get day! :)