Another Great One from Roni Sue

I went back to Roni Sue to pick up some more choclates for some work people and was shocked to learn they were completely out of the peanut butter squares!!

I didn't know what to do! This was my last present and I was banking on those squares. I started looking at the various truffles when I saw these squares on the bottom shelf.

They looked exciting so I asked about the flavor and found out they were Hazelnut. Then I tried a sample and almost fell over! I think they may be better than the peanut butter. So rich and smooth. I knew I had a winner.

As I was waiting for my chocolates to be packaged up I started talking with Roni-Sue and found out that she's coming out with a new line of cocktail chocolates this weekend! She reached behind the counter and handed me a sample of the Manhattan chocolate.

Wow- really good. The dark chocolate was strong and bitter at first and then the flavor of boubon slowly seeped in. It was nice because it blended well together- neither one overpowering the other. I can't wait to see what other kinds they make! She mentioned something about a margarita chocolate! Hmmm....