Places I Hope to Eat at in 2008

I literally have a list of over 300 bars & restaurants I want to try out in the city. About 1/4 will probably close before I get a chance to go, but those will be replaced by newer and even more exciting places!

These are the places that are at the top. And luckily we got gift certificates for Christmas to 3 of them!!!

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (completed 9/19/08)
Allen & Delancy (completed 3/6/08)
CraftSteak (completed 12/08)
Mercadito(completed 2/1/08)
Peter Luger (completed 12/6/08)
Bar Masa (completed 6/4/08)
Blue Hill at Stone Barns (completed 1/17/09)
Fatty Crab
Arturo's Pizza (completed 5/08)
Inoteca (completed 8/08)
Joes Shanghi (completed 11/2/09)
Union Square Cafe
Sushi Yasuda (completed 7/31/08)
Prune (completed 12/2/08)

These are in no particular order...just hoping to get to them all sometime in 2008. As you can see they are kind of all over the place; upscale, downscale, organic, MSG filled, etc. Hopefully at this time next year I will be looking back on this list and it will have been completed!