Mmmmm amai

So I have long been a fan of a blog called Lovescool. I frequently used to check it out because it was all about my favorite things- desserts!

So when I saw that the writers of the blog were finally going to make their dream of opening a bakery come true I knew I had to go.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was opening only a couple blocks away from my house!!! So I hit it up the very first day it opened and grabbed some tea and a green tea cupcake. It was awesome!!!!

I went back yesterday and had to pick some up to bring home. I was planning to just get the Greeen Tea Cupcake but once I saw they had Pumpkin as well I had to get one of each.

The Green Tea cupcake is really good- I've had it before. Unfortunatly this one must have been made the day before because it was a little stale and hard.

The Pumpkin on the other hand was perfect!!!

The cake was moist and light. A very good dessert if you're not looking for something overly sweet. Amai is defiently a nice addition to the neighborhood.

amai tea house