My 2007 Year in Review- AKA Better than Bruni

Okay so maybe I don't get paid by the New York Times to go out to restaurants and maybe millions of people don't read my reviews BUT I think that if Frank Bruni comes out with a year in review than gosh darn it- I can too!!!

So here is my 2007 list. Just to note- Not all of these places opened in 2007. Some opened before but I had never been to them before. So this is actually MY year in review- not restaurant openings. Just wanted to make that clear so here goes:

Best Dishes I Had in 2007:

Vermont Farm Suckling Pig from Eleven Madison Park. This rectangle of pork was crispy and delicious it is almost unbelievable so much flavor can come out of a dish this small.

Pork Ssam and Skirt Steak Ssam at Momofuku. Okay so this is top of Bruni's list for best new restaurant and I totally agree. I don't know what they put in the meat there but I wake up in the morning and crave this sandwich- seriously.

Bluefin Tuna Sashimi at Aburiya Kinnosuke. Best piece of sashimi I have ever had. It literally melted as I tried to pick it up. I can't believe I haven't been back yet.

Beef Jerky at Malayasia Beef Jerky. Not really a dish but awesome beef jerky that I am in love with.

Beef Ribs at Hill Country I felt like I was in a Flinstones show eating these mammoth ribs! Luckily they were tasty as hell to boot!

Black Sesame and Green Tea Macaron at Morimoto- this was the best palate cleanser ever!

Worst Dish:
Beef Cheek Sandwich at Resto- This was a special one night we stopped by and it was so bad we couldn't even get through one of the four mini sandwiches. It was basically a piece of fat covered in some kind of spicy peppers and other things that were so hot you couldn't even bite into it.

Best Desserts I Had This Year:
Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Caramel Parfait from Irving Mill. OMG this might be the Best dessert I have ever had! Filled with Crunchy Meringue and Peanut Brittle; it really doesn't get much better than this if your a chocolate fan!

Black Sesame Creme Brulee with green tea ice cream at Cha'An Tea House. Okay so this place has been around a while but I didn't know it existed until this year. Such a great display of tastes and textures that complement the end of your meal rather than kill it.

Best New Restaurant:
Degustation. I loved this place. The space was gorgeous and cozy at the same time. The food was wonderful and it didn't break the bank. I didn't write a review only because I kind of wanted to keep it all for myself- it's that good!

Biggest Disappointment:
Borough Food and Drink. We went to the opening party and enjoyed the look of the place and their food and drinks. Subsequent visits however proved to be different. Bad, slow service, inconsistent food (the burger used to be so good) to just really bad bad food (undercooked chicken, etc). We had high hopes for this to be a great neighborhood spot but if things stay on track this space will soon ne empty once again. Maybe it really is just a cursed spot?