Which Would You Eat?

So we went to Florida about a month ago and I took lots of pictures of our food and whatnot but never put them on my blog. I feel that since it's called Nyctastes it should only be about food from NY.

Anyway, some of the friends I went with thought I should have used the photos since we went to some really great places! So to appease them I decided I would show a few in the form of a survey which also pretty much sums up our trip.

So...Here goes.

Let's say it's your last day in Florida and you started it off by drinking one of these:

You decide to continue your day by consuming many of these:

Until late into the night when you realize your multiple beverages just won't cut it and you need something to eat.

Unfortunately the only thing open at this hour of night in Florida is the local gas station.

Please tell me. Which one of these would you eat?

Instant Ramen Noodles (chicken flavor), The Cattleman Sandwich (an enormous soy cheeseburger), a Ham & Cheese sub (2 for $5 with the Cattleman), a Stuff-itz (generic pepperoni pizza hot pocket) or a cup of gas station cheese whiz?