A Punch Brunch

Friends were in town, so we decided to go out to brunch Saturday at Punch. Punch is kind of a weird place. I always feel like I'm at a hotel restaurant when I'm inside and I'm not really sure why. Once you get past the bar everything is white. Tablecloths, tables, walls; it really feels a little too formal for brunch even though that's not what the place is going for.

We've come here a lot though because it has a pretty great prix-fix. For $14.95 you get a basket of fresh baked muffins and jam, a bloody mary/mimosa, coffee and an entree. Not too shabby!

The mimosas are always great as well. They definitely use some decent champagne and a good juice to liquor ratio.

We were seated immediately and got our menus. The basket of muffins came right away which was nice but then it took about 15 minutes before our waitress came over for our order. This seems to be a constant brunch problem in NY. No one ever seems to be on the same page.

We ordered our entrees and got our drinks.

For my entree I went pretty basic- the Grilled Chicken Caesar salad with a side of Applewood Smoked bacon.

The Cesar salad was awesome!! The dressing was creamy without being too heavy and light on the anchovy flavor.

Mr. T was a little adventurous this morning and decided to get the Lobster Crawfish roll.

This was not the best choice. First of all, when it came out there was a noticeable orange hue to everything. He offered me a bite but the color was so weird that I said no. He ended up eating only the french fries because the seafood had a strange taste to it. Not a good brunch choice.

My friend got the French Toast.

This I did try and it was really good. It was nice and gooey on the inside and came with a vanilla syrup that rocked. I have to say it was almost as good as the french toast we had at Jane.

My other friend ordered the Apple Smoke Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Omelet.

This was also pretty awesome. The bacon was nice and crispy without all the grease and grime that you get sometimes and the omelet was nice and fluffy.

Overall, besides Mr T's dish, it was a great brunch. The only problem again comes with the service.

After we ordered our meals we never saw our original waitress again until about 20 minutes after we were done with our dishes. Everything was given to us by various other wait staff.

We had to flag her down so we could get our check and then flag her down again to pay it. No one ever came by when we were eating either to see how our meal was going.

This seems to happen a lot at brunch places but never at dinner. Why is this? Something about the customer turnover in the morning? Wait staff calling in sick on the weekends? Any thoughts?