The Dish at Eataly La Pasta

Every single time I have a cold I crave pasta to no end.  Not chicken noodle soup, not grilled cheese (Mr. T's cold/flu staples) but a big steaming bowl of pasta in some kind of hearty sauce.  This is when living right near Eataly's La Pizza & La Pasta comes in clutch.    The former serving Naples style pies and the latter serving various pasta dishes using either Secca (imported Italian pasta) or Fresca (homemade artisan pasta).

I tend to go for the fresca dishes, the egg addition giving a little bit more chew to the dough than just water and flour; one of my favorites being the Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu, mint, lemon, Pecorino Romano and chili flakes.

Eataly never skimps on the big chunks of lamb in the ragu and the chili flakes give a big spicy kick to the dish that's also perfect for clearing up the sinuses.  It's a big bowl of everything the doctor ordered.

500 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010


Unknown said…
I love the Le verdure counter at eataly so much I haven't eaten at the pasta counter (although i buy their fresh pastas to cook at home). Looks like i need to go!
Roze said…
Le Verdure is my absolute favorite as well. Have you had that new Roasted Asparagus w/soft boiled egg there yet? I keep eyeing it...😋