Springing into Rose Season

This week has been absolutely gorgeous.  Walking home over the Brooklyn Bridge with rays of sun on my back, smelling the gorgeous tulips in bloom all around Gramercy Park. It's officially time to put away those heavy red wines and slip into something a bit more light and lively.  I had the pleasure of sipping some fantastic wines perfect for the season last week with winemaker Laurent Prada of Barton & Guestier, the largest importer of French wine in the United States.

The Vouvray is their most popular wine made entirely of Chenin Blanc grapes. It has a sweet but vibrant balance of fruit and acidity with flavors of crisp apple, pineapple and white peach.  It's fresh and light bodied; the perfect pairing for fried dishes like Maialino's Baby Artichokes.

The Cotes De Provence Passeport Rose was much drier than the Vouvary with honeysuckle and pear aromas.  Rich notes of strawberry and raspberry dance across the palate making this a great wine for grilled meat during summer BBQ's.  At only $14.99 a bottle this is a fantastic warm weather investment.

La Villa Barton Cotes de Provence 2015 is the newest rose from Barton & Guestier comprised of 45% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 25% Cinsault sourced from the region around St. Tropez.  This is more aromatic than the Passeport with crisp flavors of berry and lychee nut and a long elegant finish. It's a tiny bit pricier than the Passeport ($19.99 a bottle) but still a fantastic value.

All of these wines are perfect for popping open whenever the occasion arises be it a picnic, golf or just a glorious summer day in Central Park.  Bring on the season of Rose!


Linda79 said…
Love roses from Provence- I usually buy a case and stock up for the summer.
Roze said…
Provence Roses are my favorite as well. Always so balanced, fruity and beautiful- Santé! 🍷🍷