New Brew Friday (Philly)- Orval Day at Monks

Orval is hardly a new beer.  This Trappist ale has been in production since 1931 and it was the very first Brett beer to make its way to the United States.  Now brewers are throwing brett in beers all the time but none of them can quite master the balance of fruit, funk and bitterness that come from Orval.  We were lucky enough to be at Monks on Saturday to celebrate the first ever Orval Day.

They had a few different years on the menu so we ordered 2009 and 2015 to enjoy side by side.  Both had the classic Orval aroma- super yeasty, grass, apple and Barnyard funk with the 2015 tasting like raisins, peach and apricot with a deep earthy flavor while the 2009 was much more dry, sour and vinous.

Of course when at Monks a big bowl of gueuze and garlic Mussels & Frites are an absolute must.

This is always such a great spot to spend a few hours in Philly- Cheers to the weekend!

Monks Cafe
264 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102