Hometown Bar-B-Que

Saturday was all about beers and BBQ.  Mr. T and I began the day at Other Half grabbing some cans from their latest release then walked down to the water for a full on feast at Hometown BBQ.

I swear we didn't mean to order so much food for just the two of us but walking into the incredible Texas style roadhouse the smell of BBQ was so intoxicating...by the time we got to the front of the line we lacked any decision making skills and just ordered everything.

The Brisket was amazing; somehow each slice had the perfect balance of fatty and lean with a smoky, crisp char on the outside.

I really enjoyed the Pulled Pork sandwich.  The meat was super tender, served without any need for BBQ sauce topped simply with a sharp vinegar based slaw (sloppy top love).  Mr. T preferred the mammoth Beef Rib coated in peppercorns and so incredibly rich I could barely get down more than one bite.

For sides a thick buttery slab of cornbread and QUESO MAC & CHEESE!  Full disclosure- I felt nauseous at the idea of eating a mac and cheese since we had devoured two HUGE bowls in one evening up in Vermont the weekend before (overload-it wasn't pretty).  However this Mac & cheese was so delicious I found myself going back for bite after bite.  Roasted chilies with creamy queso sauce on top...Yes Please!

Hometown BBQ is counter service only and there's almost always a long line.  But with two separate bars for ordering drinks and a fantastic lineup of music playing overhead the wait almost becomes part of the fun. So make the trek out to Red Hook and check out it out- this is some serious NYC BBQ.

454 Van Brut Street at Reed
Brooklyn, NY 11231