Happy Hour at Grand Army

I stumbled upon this place on my walk home from work last week; the promise of $1 oysters drawing me away from the cold rainy day outside and into their cozy candlelit space.  The special that day were Malpeques, one of the standard $1 oyster picks around NYC which I enjoy for their big briny flavor.

I also added on a Montauk Pearl and Peconic Gold, both sweeter and smaller than the Malpeques, the Peconic Gold being my favorite of the tray.  Little eye dropper accouterments were served with the platter in thai, mignonette, hot sauce and ponzu.  I'm usually an oyster purist (squeeze of lemon- down the hatch) but it was really fun testing out the different flavors.  And judging by the bar room packed with couples these cute little quirks make it the perfect spot for a date.

If you go you absolutely must check out the bathrooms.  I took a few pics but don't want to spoil the surprise by showing them (plus bathroom and food pics together are kind of gross).  But trust me on this one- they're worth it.

336 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217