I was super sad when one of my favorite couples moved from their apartment one block away all the way out to Rockville Centre.  I mean who freaking leaves Manhattan!  The apartments are huge, public transportation is awesome; it's the perfect place to raise a bunch of kids. (sigh)

Of course I love the city but there is something to be said about Long Island life.  People actually own houses...with things called basements and attics.  There are big yards with grills for BBQing and some classic old school clam bars churning out AMAZING seafood like Bigelows.

This circular lunch counter has been serving up two types of clams since 1939; plump Ipswich clam bellies or clam strips which happen to be Mr. T's favorite.  It's impossible to find strips in the city and these were perfect- light on the batter, fried a perfect golden brown with no grease- delicious!

I highly suggest adding on the rich chunky Clam Chowder studded with a TON of clams along with the delightful Buffalo Popcorn Shrimp.

This place was the BOMB!  The food was incredible and the divey atmosphere was great. Plus the train ride was only about 35 minutes so I guess I'm okay with them living out in Rockvillle Centre.  As long as I get invited to one of those BBQ's.

79 North Long Beach Road
Rockville Centre, NY 11570