New Brew Friday- Cantillon Kriek

Time to kick off the three day weekend with one of my favorite beers of all time Cantillon Kriek from Cantillon Brewery in Brussels.

Cantillon produces their Kriek by filling barrels of one and half year old lambic with a ton of tart Morello cherries, about 2 lbs per gallon; then allowing them to ferment first in the barrel and then in the bottle.  The result is a gorgeous deep ruby red beer with a big fluffy head, soft funky aromas of cherry pie, cherry juice, hay and oak with flavors of tart sour cherry, funk, lots of bubbly carbonation and a crisp dry finish. 

Cantillon bottles pop up once in a great while around the city but it's best to stock up if you ever find yourself in Belgium as Mr. T and I did last year. Cheers to the long weekend!

Cantillon Brewery
Rue Gheude 56
1070 Anderlecht Belgiu