Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend celebrating.  Mr. T and I actually spent this New Years Eve alone for the first time EVER and it was fantastic!  Pre-dinner miso wings at Bar Goto, tiki drinks at Boilermaker, a delicious seafood feast at Upstate Oyster Bar followed by my favorite churro's in the world (and marcona ice cream) at Huertas.  It was completely laid back and stress free; something I hope more of my days will be like in 2016.

I ended up making it to 7 of the 15 restaurants on my wish list from last year so right around 50%. I'm really hoping for a bit more this coming year; more excitement, more creativity....just more from the NYC dining scene.    Here's to 2016!

2016 Wish List

Leaf Bar
Bar Bolinas
Bigelows Seafood
Red Hook BBQ
Llama Inn
Ichimura at Brushstroke
Quality Eats
L'Atelier Joel Robuchon (come back to me mashed potatoes!)
Peller Estates Restaurant