Nancy Lees Pig Heaven

Most people start off the New Year with resolution to get into shape, eat healthier and become a better person.  Mr. T and I did not go that route.  Instead we decided to kick off the new year by drinking some fantastic beers and gorging on Spare Ribs at Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven.

I've never been a big fan of spare ribs...the ones that usually arrive from our neighborhood delivery joints are always tough, overcooked slabs of meat.  Here at Nancy Lee's they were a completely different story.

This meat was soooooo tender with a caramelized BBQ shell on the outside that was both sweet and spicy.  These were completely unlike any spare ribs I've had before and I will never enjoy anything different going forward.

Another big surprise hit were the Shumai with a paper thin outer casing and big white pieces of chicken inside and some delicious dumpling sauce for dipping.  

One would assume this place could be found down in Chinatown but it's actually located on the Upper East Side.  Apparently everyone in the neighborhood knows how good it is so if you want to try out this incredible Chinese BBQ for yourself arrive early or be prepared to wait.

Pig Heaven
1420 3rd Avenue at 81st Street
New York, NY 10028