Milk Bar Brooklyn

I absolutely love having breakfast for lunch and it's even better when it comes on a big, fluffy, cheddar chive biscuit.  Milk Bar, not to be confused with David Chang/Chistina Tosi's dessert spot, is a cute little coffee and tea place in Prospect Heights serving up some amazing breakfast specials all day long.

Their classic Breakfast Sandwich is a massive biscuit toasted with Swiss cheese, two scrambled eggs and a thick layer of spicy aioli.  The eggs were absolutely perfect; softly scrambled with just the right amount of fluff.  I added on some thick Double Smoked Bacon for a few extra bucks but this sandwich didn't even need that.  It was simply spectacular being meat free.

To be honest I found this place searching some lunch time Momofuku Cake Truffles and Google steered me to this Milk Bar instead.  Sometimes happy little accidents are the best.

Milk Bar Brooklyn
620 Vanderbilt Avenue at Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 1123