Sweden- Kebab Pizza and Bastard

Tuesday we left Denmark for a day trip over to Sweden.  My good friends moved here a few years ago and I was itching to get some catch up time with them.  We hopped on a train right near our hotel and 50 minutes later we found ourselves in the center of Malmo.  Unfortunately my friend couldn't meet up until later but she pointed us in the direction of the one thing I'd been absolutely dying to try- Kebab Pizza. 

It's not a well known fact but the Swedes put some crazy toppings on their pizza and the most popular happens to be the Kebab made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, thin slices of gyro beef and creamy garlic sauce.  It's not exactly pretty to look at and eating such a sloppy pie can be bit challenging but it was so worth each and every bite.  I've seriously been dreaming of this pizza ever since.

After I demolished my Kebab Pizza we walked down the street to Peter Beier Chokolade and picked up some incredible chocolate truffles made with Abby Ale and Dark Lager.  Then we walked around Malmo for a while just enjoying the wonderful day before meeting up with our friends for dinner at Bastard.

Bastard is a lively little place set off the busy Lilla Torget Square.  The small menu changes daily but the emphasis here is on nose to tail eating, much like our meal years ago at St. John restaurant in London.

I'll be honest I was still pretty full from stuffing my face full of Kebab Pizza that afternoon so I decided to stick with just one dish, the Beef Tartare.  

Bastard's version was chopped very fine, mixed with creamy lumpfish roe and topped with rye chips, purslane and a dollop of horseradish creme.  I've had a LOT of Beef Tartare in my life and this one would rank right up there at the top of the list.  The texture was perfect and I loved the crunchy squares of rye mixed with the surprisingly sweet/salty flavor of the purslane.  Onto dessert a crisp Rhubarb Crumble with vanilla sauce.  

Apparently Vanilla Sauce is another Swedish specialty they use in place of whipped cream.  Being that I've never been a big whipped creme fan I would love this trend to start in the United States.  The sauce was amazing... thick and creamy with flecks of vanilla bean everywhere.  I wish I picked up a jar to take home.

We ended the night with a few drinks at the Bishop's Arms before hopping on the train back to Copenhagen.  It was such a wonderful and relaxing day in Sweden- amazing little city, incredible food and fantastic friends.