Cafe el Presidente

When I heard the Tacombi team was opening up a new tacqueria in the Flatiron district I was downright ecstatic.  The possibility of having those crispy fish tacos within a 5 minute radius of my apartment seemed like some sort of crazy dream come true.  

The menu is split into three parts...Tacos del Presidente (served four to a plate), Tacos Especials (special individual tacos) and sides.  It was early in the day and I was all by myself so two tacos seemed like enough.  I ordered the Gringa Madison and the Crispy Fish from the Taco Especial menu.

The Gringa Madison had huge chunks of pastor pork and melted chihuahua cheese on top a grilled flour tortilla doused with chili sauce. This taco was amazing.  The sauce was spicy enough to give my mouth a happy little burn and I loved how the cheese crisped up on the edges.  They certainly didn't skimp on the ingredients either.  That taco was swimming in cheese and meat.

The Crispy Fish was fantastic as well.  Instead of two smaller pieces of fish like at Tacombi I received one large piece that was perfectly fried to a crisp golden brown with practically any grease at all.  I think this taco may be even better than the original!

The tacos came with with a plate of green and red sauce, pickled veggies and limes.   I'm a big fan of pickled veggies so this was a score in my book.  

The drink list at Tacombi could use some improvement.  They offer only one wine by the glass, a Petite Syrah, and a small handful of cocktails and beer.  The Pina Y Ron had such a terrible watered down ginger flavor I couldn't even drink more than two or three sips.

The service at Cafe el Presidente was excellent.  My waiter explained everything on the menu and was quick with both placing my order and giving the check.  Some may argue the prices are a bit too two tacos cost a total of  $14 which is pretty steep for a quick lunch.  But just like Tacombi I found myself dreaming of those tacos the rest of the day.  I honestly don't think I'll make it to the weekend before stopping in again.  Welcome to the neighborhood Cafe el Presidente!