Black Seed Bagels

It seems like everyone has been talking about the Montreal Style bagels from Black Seed down in SOHO. They've been selling out every day since opening and the lines have been reaching epic proportions on the weekend.  Saturday morning I awoke at the crack of dawn for some reason so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the bagels and hopefully skip the madness.

I arrived right before 8:00 am and there were only two other people in line.  I had time to do a quick survey of the menu and then it was time to order.  Black Seed currently offers about eight different kinds of bagels with an array of quirky combinations on top like tobiko spread and beet cured salmon.  If those don't sound appetizing you can also build your own sandwich with the usual suspects of lox, cream cheese and butter. I decided to do a little bit of both...first I tried two bagels on their own and then went for a full on sandwich.

Montreal Style bagels are much smaller than NYC bagels with a denser texture and a slightly sweet flavor due to a boil in honey sweetened water.  I've always found NYC bagels to be way to large so the smaller size was quite refreshing.  I also loved the sweet aftertaste on the end.  I found I could taste the flavor of the sesame seeds much better than on a normal big doughy bagel.

Ditto for the Salt Bagel...that salty flavor was much more prominent than usual.  This could be seen as both good and bad apparently. I loved the extra spiciness of each while Mr. T found the seasoning overwhelming.  

He wouldn't even touch a bite of my Egg Salad sandwich...topped with red onion and dill on an Everything Bagel this had just about every ingredient that Mr. T hates.  I on the other hand loved it! Maybe it's my upbringing so close to the Canadian border or something but I could eat these bagel sandwiches all day. 

So in the Trekker household we are divided.  Mr. T ultimately wins since you hardly ever have to wait in line for NYC bagels and they're available on just about every street corner. I on the other hand am hoping for a Black Seed expansion to my neighborhood so I can enjoy those delicious little breakfast treats much more often.

Black Seed Bagels