The S'more at Dominique Ansel

I was feeling adventurous this past Sunday and walked down to SOHO in search of a Cronut.  I arrived around 10:00 am and the line of people waiting outside was absolutely enormous!  Let's be honest here...I didn't really think this trip through.  I love my baked goods but I'm not standing outside in the cold for hours in order to eat one.  So I strolled past the Cronut line and put on a new game face...the S'mores game face. 

The first thing you need to know about the S'more is that it's made to order...each one gets a nice long blast from the blow torch right before delivery to ensure the marshmallow outside is just the perfect toasted brown color and stays perfectly warm and gooey.

Inside lies a core of thick vanilla custard ice cream which is then encased by crisp chocolate wafers. It's like eating a Choco Taco stuffed inside a gooey campfire other words it's AMAZING!

I have never enjoyed a S'more as much as this before.  It was crunchy, sweet and so incredibly satisfying...probably the best breakfast I've had in months (it was 10:00 am after all). So if you're not down for waiting in line for those Cronuts this is a pretty incredible second choice.

Dominique Ansel