Brunch at Grace

The newest addition to the Murry Hill scene is Grace.  Located in the old McCormick's space this place has a refurbished bar, a veteran mixologist and a brand new menu.  I'll admit I was a little leery after I paid $9 for a Founders All Day IPA on opening day but I decided to give it another shot when we were strapped for a brunch spot.  We arrived right around 12:30 on a Saturday and the place was virtually empty. The brunch menu had various options from a classic Irish Breakfast to Roast Prime Rib.  I wasn't feeling very adventurous so I went for the Fried Egg Croissant sandwich.

This was a pretty standard dish...flaky croissant, american cheese on top and a slab of undercooked hash browns on the side.  I probably could have gotten the same thing done slightly better at my local bodega.

The Kale Salad was a better option.  Filled with Parmesan cheese, hazelnuts and a creamy tahini dressing the only thing wrong with this dish was the small serving.

The drinks weren't very good.  Our mimosa had zero bubbles and the orange juice tasted stale. Add in the slow service from our waiter and I can safely say this place is checked off the list for now.