Brunch at Corkbuzz

Union Square biggest wine bar Corkbuzz just recently starting serving brunch. I saw the menu online and it looked delicious but the promise of participating in their Champagne Campaign is what sealed the deal for me...all bottles of that bubbly good stuff is 1/2 off during brunch hours.   I made a reservation immediately:)

We met up with some family and sat at one of the communal tables in the back.  I'll begin by saying the service needs some serious work.  Every time it was "Let me know if you have any questions on the wine- I'd love to give recommendations"...then walk away without asking what we wanted.  This happened three different times before we actually were able to order something to drink before he walked away.  Then it took forever to put in our food order in as well...our simple brunch ended up taking over two hours when we only ordered a dish each...not very efficient.  Onto food Mr. T ordered the Shortrib Hash with sunny side up eggs, scallions and a jalapeno aioli.

This dish had promise...the eggs were good and the aioli gave it a spicy kick but the shortrib was incredibly overcooked.  The meat flaked off into dry little segments that had a slightly burnt flavor.  My Hangover Sandwich with eggs, guanciale, tomato, avocado and Srircha sounded amazing... 

...unfortunately the combination of ingredients just didn't work very well together.  The egg splattered upon the first bite and got everywhere, the lettuce on the outside kept sliding the rest of the sandwich around in a sloppy mess and the tomato was so thick it ended up taking over the entire texture of the dish.  It was a great concept on paper...not so much on the plate.

So we were a little disappointed in Corkbuzz.  I love the Champagne Campaign and it's a great place to learn about wine but brunch could certainly use some work.



Unknown said…
I love corkbuzz yet am always there in the evenings- sounds like i should give them a few more months to sort out brunch...