Excellence at Otto

In a city where most places are trying to be the next best thing, it's easy to get lost in the hype.  I love trying brand new restaurants and revisiting when menus have been revamped and chefs have moved...but sometimes I just want to sit and relax with a familiar face.  Spend a cozy night at the bar with a nice glass of red and feel content knowing that I'm going to have fabulous meal that I've had countless time before.  When I feel like having one of these nights I almost always head straight to Otto.

There's not much better in life than a plate full of their gorgeous prosciutto...it's so tender and soft it almost melts away with each bite.

Pair that with a trio of wonderful cheese like their creamy ricotta, fresh mozzarella and pecorino accompanied by truffle honey and amaretto soaked cherries for the complete meat and cheese experience.

I usually throw in a salad of some sort because I genuinely love salad and it's also a refreshing break before the pizza arrives.

This time we actually broke away from our "familiar"order and tried a brand new pie the Vongole.

Wow...this pizza was outstanding.  The thin crust had charred crispy edges and a chewy fold-able middle topped with chunks of garlic and clams.  That slick oily top most clam pizzas have was nonexistent; just stretchy fresh mozzarella and sweet delicious clam...heaven on a plate!

Ahh...there's my delicious glass of Chianti to finish the meal on a perfect note.  Yes sometimes a little something familiar is just what I need.