New Brew Friday- White Chocolate Moo Hoo

I've told you about Terrapin Brewery a few times already...remember that  Wake and Bake Oatmeal Stout last year...or maybe their fantastic Espresso Stout which was my favorite beer of  2009?  Well if you don't remember that's okay, it just means more for me!  And I would love to drink as much as I possibly can of the their newest release the White Chocolate Moo Hoo.

Terrapin takes their regular Moo Hoo, a creamy chocolate milk stout made of cocoa nibs from the Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company, and add in a slew of white chocolate slabs to create a sweet but incredibly balanced stout with lots of smooth chocolate and hints of vanilla.  It's gorgeous to smell, even better to taste and just the beginning of Terrapin's special series.  The next release, a Cinnamon Roll'd Wake and Bake!

Terrapin Brewery