Breakfast at The Lafayette

Remember that beer I just talked about- the incredible Goose Island Bourbon County Stout?  What I didn't mention was that I had to stand outside in the cold for 2 hours in order to get that beer.  Goose Island decided to do a Black Friday release and suddenly I found myself doing exactly what I said I would never do...waking up at the crack of dawn after Thanksgiving to buy something.  

Well luckily that something was incredibly delicious and once the beer was secured we were done for the day.  Time to warm up with some breakfast! 

We walked over to The Lafayette and and got a table inside the sprawling dining room.  I've always loved this space.  It's changed a lot since the Chinatown Brasserie days...the front door opens onto a bakery where the smell of warm bread permeates the air, the honey blue tiled walls shimmer in the sunlight that comes streaming in from the big windows overlooking Lafayette Street.  It's such bright, bustling place!

After sipping on a hot, frothy macchiato my fingers and toes began to thaw and I was starting to feel like a real person again...a real person who just had her first Black Friday experience!  Time for a mimosa and some pastries!

We ordered the bread basket which consisted of a croissant, muffin, three pieces multi-grain nut bread, a palmier and a pesto-olive danish.

I had a little bite of almost everything.  The scrumptious muffin studded with real fresh blueberries being my favorite followed by the flaky, buttery palmier.  I would order this again except sub in a Almond Croissant for the regular and swap out the bread for a Pain au Chocolat.

My croissant sandwich was classic french bistro style with a perfectly fried egg, Gruyere cheese and salty ham.  Unfortunately a mound of caramelized onions sat at the bottom that were so sweet they absolutely killed all the other flavors in the dish. It wasn't until I scraped off every last bit off that I was able to enjoy my meal time I would remember to order it without.

So the food wasn't exactly perfect, but I love the space and glorious amount of pastries that seem to dance through the room.  I would happily return again for another meal...maybe this will become a Black Friday tradition.