New Brew Friday- Goose Island Bourbon County Cherry Rye

It's time for the weekend and this Friday we're talking about a mammoth, hard to find, incredibly delicious and complex beer...the Cherry Rye.  Goose Island took their regular Bourbon County Brand Stout, dumped it into rye whiskey barrels and added a ton of Michigan cherries.

This beer pours jet black with very little head and huge aromas of bourbon.  You don't get much cherry on the nose at first but when you taste get the full flavor of cherries up front, then rye, followed by a smooth, slightly hot vanilla end.  It's big (13.7%), bold, and absolutely fantastic.

This beer has only been brewed once so the possibilities of finding a bottle right now are almost impossible.  But take a quick trip down to Top Hops right now and they have it on draft from their Goose Island event.  I got to enjoy it in all its wonder last night so hopefully one of you can enjoy before it all runs out.  Happy Friday!