Le Parisien Bistro

Located in Murray Hill, the Parisien seems a bit out of place among the Irish pubs and sports bars that line the street.  The tiny space is like a cozy, rustic sanctuary from the outside world, albeit a bit cramped.  The menu and wine list are both brief but have all the French classics.  To begin a big pot of Mussels for the table.

They were quite generous with the mussels, four of us split the bowl as an appetizer and we had more than enough.  They were plump and juicy with a delicious white wine and garlic sauce.  However vegetarians beware- they also put sausage in the broth when it wasn't listed on the menu so be specific when ordering.  Luckily none of us were vegetarians so we didn't mind and I really didn't mind when I tried one of the frites that arrived with the mussels.

These were long, skinny and perfectly crisp.  Seriously some of the best fries I've had in a long time.  I was so happy Mr. T ordered the Steak Frites as his main so I could steal a few more:)

And steal I did along with a bite or two of his steak.  The meat was a perfect medium rare and had some nice marbeling but it could have used a little bit more seasoning.

The men both ordered the Steak while the ladies enjoyed the classic Duck Confit and the Pan Roasted Skate with french beans and toasted almonds.  The Skate was hands down my favorite dish of the night with a lovely lemon butter sauce that really went well with the crunchy almonds.  

We thought about getting dessert but decided to head over to Eataly for a drink instead.  Total cost of the bill for four people was $180.  Not too bad for four people with two bottles of wine.  It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Le Parisien