Mugs Ale House

We did a mini beer crawl through Brooklyn last week and one of our final stops of the day was Mugs Ale House.  This place has been around forever and I love how it seems completely unchanged by time.  The beer list here is amazing.   Want to try out a Cantillion- they had three different ones on the menu when we were there.

The Rose de Grambinus was absolutely gorgeous with a strong sour lambic taste and lots of dry funk. The Cantillion was an easy decision, my second beer choice was much more difficult...the draft list was filled with so many amazing beers.  

So we stayed for a while and tried a bunch of different ones and ordered some food.  The Radeburger Salad was chock full of figs, Roquefort cheese and walnuts.  I was surprised to see the big old fried onion rings on top but who says no to onion rings ?

The mac and cheese was pretty standard but lacked flavor.  The soft pretzel was a much better addition to the table....warm and buttery with salty goodness to feed the entire table.   Fantastic beer and salty warm pretzel...what more do you need at a great bar?

Mugs Ale House