Brunch at the Bedford Post Inn

I took the train up to Bedford Hills last week for a delightful little brunch with my friend Carrie.  The Bedford Post Inn is probably best known for being owned by Richard Gere but the grounds themselves are quite stunning on their own.  The sprawling inn holds two different restaurants, one fine dining and the less formal Barn where we decided to eat our meal on their outdoor patio.  The waiter started us out with a warm loaf of bread from their in house bakery.

Then it was our entrees the Chicken Paillard for me.

I love the simplicity of this dish...the chicken and greens were both lightly dressed with just a little lemon and parmigiano cheese.  The greens had such great fresh flavor I'm wondering if they were produced locally from a nearby farm.  Carrie went the seafood route with a big bowl of mussels...

...which came with some ridiculously delicious french fries.  

Thank goodness Carrie doesn't mind sharing because my hand was over on her side of the table swiping fries the entire meal. We both ate so many of them we didn't have room for a full dessert course so we split one of their bakery Red Velvet cupcakes instead.

The cake was moist with a sour butter cream frosting that hit the spot just right.  It was a perfect end to brunch and a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.

The patio out back was the perfect tranquil setting for a little bit of wine and catching up.  I definitely plan to check out this place again...I didn't even see Richard Gere and I was still in love:)

Bedford Post Inn.


Anonymous said…
Hi! Been always meaning to go here but seems far. Just wanted to know what train you took to get there. Thank you!
Roze said…
No problem- I took MetroNorth to Bedford Hills and got a friend to come pick me up. It's a far walk with no sidewalks so a car is a necessity- Enjoy!
Kathy YL Chan said…
Ahh I've always wanted to come here (for the restaurant and to stay overnight heheh). Looks so beautiful!