The week Talde opened I stopped working in Brooklyn.  I had been so excited to go opening day when suddenly my commute kept me in Manhattan and my days and nights were chock full of visitors.  I really tried to get out there. One day I missed the end of brunch by 5 minutes, another day a sign on the door said "Closed for Routine Maintenance".  Finally last Friday I made the trip out again and dashed inside 5 minutes after opening to plenty of open tables and bar seats.  Success! We took some seats at the bar and ordered up some drinks.

I'll admit my Watermelon Margarita was a bit over the top, but the bright pink drink kind of made my day.  The beer list wasn't too shabby either.

We started out with the Perilla Leaf- toasted shrimp, coconut, bacon-tamarind caramel and peanuts.

I didn't love the furry texture of the leaf but the contents inside really packed a ton of delicious flavor. It was strange something so small could taste so big.  Onto our next appetizers the Pretzel Pork & Chive Dumplings.

Look how thin and crispy those shells are.  I don't think I've ever had dumplings fried to such a perfect texture.

Inside the piping hot pork was studded with salt making this one of the best dipping snacks for mustard ever!  I was really ready to dive into some entrees after these great apps so I asked the bartender for the dinner menu.  It was at this point she shattered my happiness to bits by saying they only serve appetizers at the bar.

What!  I dashed around immediately to scope out the table situation and found the restaurant absolutely packed with a two hour wait.  I was so angry with myself.

We settled with some Hawaiian Bread Buns at the bar instead.  I liked the Crispy Long Island Fluke the best, but all of them were marred by the bitter taste of disappointment.  For some reason destiny is against me ever trying that delicious sounding Fried Oyster and Bacon Pad Thai...

Talde Brooklyn