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Mr. T and I loved Thirty Acres so much on our first trip we decided to head back over to Jersey City to check out some new additions to their menu.  To begin Pan-Roasted Mussels with kielbasa, celery, Sichuan pepper and ciabatta.

When this dish arrived I was overcome by the sweet, funky smell of sausage.  This brought me right back to my youth standing in my grandmother's kitchen.   I could almost see her stirring the pot as she cooked soup, dropping big chunks of kielbasa into the broth.  Of course she never cooked mussels but I'm pretty sure she would have loved this dish.

Of course I had to get the wonderful oysters from last time just for the tangy beet cocktail sauce.  Then it was onto pasta for the Cavatelli with chorizo, zucchini, mint, ricotta salata and apples.

I have never been a big fan of mint OR fruit in my pasta but somehow it worked here.  The chorizo gave the sauce a nice richness making this a unique homey dish.  Last but certainly not least Poussin with baby shiitake mushrooms, corn, eggplant puree and sesame.

We've been ordering chicken a lot more since our revelation at the NoMad and I have to say this one was quite wonderful.  The chicken was perfectly cooked and the addition of mushrooms and sesame gave it a hearty Asian flair.

Thirty Acres continues to be a stand out place in Jersey City.  And it's still BYOB for right now!   What's better than that!

Thirty Acres